For Your Information

HOUT STYLE will gladly warrant your gorgeous new glasses if, by some (very unlikely) chance, the fault is due to manufacture. We are so confident that our workmanship is sound, that we’ll give you six full months to return your sunglasses so that we can repair or replace them (at our cost). We’ll go Dutch on the delivery – you get them to our workshop, and we’ll return them to you.

By The Way

Please don’t forget your receipt, which obviously must bear the mark of one of our official retailers or our online store. We’ve been in the business long enough to know if a pair of sunglasses has been dropped, chewed, sat on, left in a handbag outside its box, or has endured some other unspeakable torture. Damage of this kind (i.e. not caused by us) will not be covered by our warranty. Just as no two trees are identical, neither are any two pairs of HOUT STYLE wooden sunglasses. This is ultimately their one-of-a-kind appeal. These spectacular spectacles need to be treated with care. Although these wooden frames have been sealed (making them resistant to sweat and light splashes of water), to prevent the wood from expanding, wipe off excess moisture with a dry cloth. Do not submerge your wooden frames in water. Ever. To clean the lenses, simply use the soft cloth provided, and wipe gently.